Multi-tenant application with Spring Boot + Spring Data JPA + Hibernate + MySQL + Thymeleaf

In this tutorial I will demonstrate how to create a multi-tenant  application with  Spring Boot ,  Spring Data JPA  , Hibernate  and MySQL . I will also create a simple form using Thymeleaf What you will need Spring Tool Suite  if you want to use the wizards or any other text editor or IDE will do (in this tutorial I am using STS 3.7.0) JDK 1.8 Maven 3.0+ (note you can use Gradle as well if you wish but I will be using Maven) Multi-tenancy So what is software multi-tenancy ? In general is the software architecture where one application instance serves multiple clients, something quite common in SaaS solutions . I will not go into details regarding the pros and cons of multi-tenant architectures, but there is really nice presentation on the subject here  and  here  and probably the most popular article on the subject from  Microsoft  (a bit dated but still relevant). With regards to implementation, at least in terms of data, there are 3 approaches: Separate databas
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